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Taking An Income Tax Course
Doug Smith

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A tax course is a series of classes you take to understand the Federal Income Tax Code. Even novices can learn the complex world of tax preparation via a good tax class. Tax courses are broken down into logical and understandable sections covering all important aspects of the tax code. Graduates of tax classes can go on to become professional tax consultants or tax attorneys.

Courses on tax preparation can benefit both the person new to the subject to the advanced economic student. Beginners start with tax preparation and filing basics, such as Form 1040, itemized deductions, Forms W-2, W-4, and 1099, before moving to more advanced tax topics. Successful graduates of these tax schools may elect to open their own practice, or to prepare federal returns for an accounting firm.

Advanced topics on the tax instruction curriculum include capital gains or losses, the different types of deductions, exemptions, earned income credits, depreciation of property and equipment, charitable donations, the self-employed tax, IRA's and pension plans, dependents, payroll taxes, the alternative minimum tax, and many more. All good courses on taxation procedures will include up to date changes in the tax laws too.

You don't have to give up your day job to take a course in income tax preparation. You can probably find a class that meets on nights and weekends, so you can continue working while learning about taxes. A 6-week curriculum is typical for most states, with some offering 12-week expanded courses. Tax education can be learned at home via computer courses in about 6 weeks. Advanced economic students can attend seminars on more complicated topics at local tax institutes or universities. Most courses include some type of on the job training, with emphasis on problem solving.

Studying tax preparation is an investment in your future, so be sure you spend your money on a good course. Get references for the classes in which you are interested, and talk to past graduates if possible. Your tax attorney or accountant can recommend good classes, but probably won't be too happy about losing your business! If you have a knack for numbers, are patient and detail-oriented, and are looking for a new career, consider taking a tax course to become a professional tax preparation expert.

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